Balancing a nostalgic historical sense with radical modernism, Kris Van Assche has created a distinctive, refined world of nonchalant elegance.

Van Assche's work is characterised by attention to detail, a strong feel for ritual and the exacting depiction of a chic that evokes 'days gone by'.

Kris Van Assche was born in Belgium in 1976. Shortly after graduating from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Paris in 1998. After working at Yves Saint Laurent and then for Dior Homme, he began to show his original creations in January 2005. Today he heads his own label - KRISVANASSCHE, and has been artistic director for Dior Homme since April 2007.

Impelled by a vision of the man who takes the time to 'dress up', Kris Van Assche has embarked on an aesthetic quest, pursuing a new masculinity infused with poetry and authenticity.


With multipurpose use in mind, the collection is made out of 7 designs: two backpacks easily transformed to be used in multiple ways, an attaché case and a bowling bag that can be turned into a backpack, a messenger bag, a carry case and a pouch.

This association between city and sportswear is apparent through the choice of fabrics: structured twill 100% nylon in either beige, light blue or black is mixed with a soft grey marl jersey, similar to tee-shirts. The zip string and elastic details conjure up the image of climbing ropes. The finishing touches combine hard-wearing and sophistication, from edges protected by a black leather binding to the rubber reinforced corners.